Since our founding in 2013, Excess Technology has been committed to providing the most secure and environmentally compliant IT recovery services for companies experiencing changes in their IT equipment needs. Our clients are able to focus on growing their business because they have us to focus on helping them to dispose of end of lifecycle computer equipment.

Excess Technology was created because the recovery market for IT equipment wasn’t keeping up with the fast past of technology advancements.  Technology was growing in speed, capacity, and capability and companies needed this new equipment to advance their missions. They were retiring equipment that still had some usable life in it and used computers and monitors were routinely being thrown in landfills despite laws prohibiting this practice. Excess Technology pioneered the IT asset recovery market and found ways to help companies maximise returns from their used computer equipment, all the while keeping computer equipment out of landfills.

We accept a wide variety of used business-class equipment from all major brand names. We process used computer equipment in our warehouse facility in Wetherill Park, NSW.  With over 20 employees, we have the expertise and know-how to securely manage the transition of your end of lifecycle IT equipment into new hands, by being affordably refurbished or in cases where equipment cannot be salvaged, environmentally disposed of.

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