IT Asset Disposal

Excess Technology provides the most ecologically friendly and ethically responsible methods for decommissioning end-of-life and overstocked IT assets. Information technology asset disposal offers businesses a legally compliant, environmentally protective, maximum financial return and data secure method for decommissioning of old or retired IT equipment.

E-waste Recycling

The correct management of e-waste starts by keeping your old IT hardware and electronics out of landfill. There are costs associated with recycling e-waste. The first cost is the removal or collection, the second comes from recycling of e-waste and the third is from data destruction and hard drive shredding. If your company has old IT equipment that has been set aside for disposal, please contact Excess Technology to schedule a pickup. The cost of having your office’s e-waste collected and recycled may be less than you think and in some cases, it might even be FREE!

Removal & Collection

Having your IT assets and e-waste collected is simple; we offer a priority service that can be on a same day or a next day basis. Or we can arrange a collection in a week or on a day in the future that best suits your schedule.

Excess Technology offers a removal service which is flexible and designed to help you remove old IT and communications (ICT) hardware. Our removal engineers are experienced in removing everything from servers, large switches and routers, large storage systems to racks.

Data Destruction

Excess Technology ensures that data from hard drives is erased using military grade software or crushed using DOD compliance hardware. Excess technology provides onsite or off-site data erasure and hard drive destruction service.

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